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Get to know me, my mission, and my vision for health coaching.


I’m Beth. Welcome to my home on the internet. 🙂

my Mission

to guide powerful conversations that lead to real change

I believe everyone just needs a good ‘listening to’ first and foremost. You are the expert on your own experience, and that’s where we begin. We’ll explore the layers beneath your struggle, figure out what uniquely drives you, and put the pieces together into a customized plan that excites you.

It is my privilege to witness my clients’ eyes light up when they make profound realizations, have awesome lightbulb moments, and connect with the empowerment they need to make real progress. Being a part of those journeys is one of my favourite things in the entire world!

I’m a natural redhead with the spicy personality to match. I’m totally an introvert, but if you pass the vibe check I’ll transform into a bubbly, goofy-humoured chatterbox with endless things to say and ask, plus hilarious* jokes to make you laugh. (*my family denies that my jokes are hilarious but they’re all liars.)

I discovered in late 2020 that I have ADHD, in my mid-thirties. This realization rocked my world and set me on a path to decode my own brain. I became obsessed with understanding the psychology behind behaviour change, habits, motivation, and more – which is what eventually led me to discover coaching. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve stopped wandering around blindfolded, and am actually getting somewhere. #mindblown

Other stuff you might not care about, but just in case: I hold a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, which I majored in just because I was madly in love with it. I’m currently completing intermediate studies in Herbalism through the Herbal Academy, and I am acquiring my A-CFHC (ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach) training through the Kresser Institute. Expected certification in late 2022, and aiming for additional NBHWC certification 2023. (Summary: I’m a nerd.)

This is my loud and messy family of six. We are a grab-bag mix of personalities, sprinklings of drama and Big Feelings, and a fierce loyalty to one another. Honestly, they drive me bananas sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade this chaos for all the peace and quiet in the world. They’re the best thing on the planet and I can’t believe they’re mine. (And they’re stuck with me, too. Muahahahaha!)

Chris and I got married shortly after high school with starry-eyed certainty. Everyone thought we were nuts, but apparently we were geniuses because here we are – happily married for nineteen years (what?!) Chris is a pilot who flies a private charter for a living, and I created and ran a health and wellness blog for a decade before finding health coaching.

We have four wild kids from kindergartener to teenager. They’re all amazing kids and we’re just trying hard not to mess them up too much!

After growing up in the suburbs (both of us), and spending our married years in a range of settings from small-town to big city, we made the leap to a brand new way of life. In 2019 we bought a house on five acres in the country, and dove in to the blissful peace of having our own forest to play in, backyard chickens to provide the most delicious free-range eggs, honeybees for our own honey and beeswax, and a giant veg garden each summer. We’ve added apple and pear trees, raspberries and strawberries, an asparagus patch (that I started from seed!), various herbs and flowers, and a puppy and 2 kittens.

This property gives us a connection with nature that we always craved and it allows our kids to have a place to be wild, free, and unencumbered in their play. One of our kids who has struggled for years with anxiety goes to build and tinker in his “fort area” in the forest. The impact on his mood and wellness is profound. (Which makes sense, of course, because nature has a significant and scientifically-proven positive effect on mental health.)

After trying out the school system in the younger years, we became a family of homeschoolers and have enjoyed that flexibility and freedom for the last 4+ years. Extroverted kids craving more social connections (especially with things still not 100% back to normal after the pandemic) have led us to look at trying school again next year, so 3 out of 4 of them will head off on the school bus this fall on their next chapter.

Lets Connect!

I would love to answer your questions about what I do, what you want, and how I can help.