I would love to meet you! I currently offer three different types of bookings:

1) a FREE 30-minute Curiosity Call via Zoom to get acquainted and let you get a feel for what coaching is all about.
2) a 1-1 session for 45 minutes via Zoom. You can bring any topic you want, and we get to work on it. The cost can be applied to a package deal if you decide you want more. Cost: $25 USD.
3) a package of six 30-minute sessions via Zoom. Cost: $110 USD.

Note: As I work toward program and board certification in the field of coaching, I am offering my coaching at a deeply discounted rate to thank my clients for helping me to gain valuable experience. The average cost of an experienced health coach ranges from $75-$500/session. Now is a great opportunity to experience health coaching at an amazing price before I increase my rates to industry standards in late 2022 or early 2023.